Microanalytics as a service

The RTG Mikroanalyse GmbH Berlin is a service enterprise focusing on microanalysis by means of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). Our know-how is based on decades of experience in the field of SIMS. So we are capable of using the method with optimum performance regarding the concrete customer requirements. Two CAMECA mass spectrometers are available (ims 4f, ims 4f-E6). The enterprise is located in the modern science and technology park Adlershof in the southeast of Berlin.

Main applications

  • Quantitative impurity rsp. dopant analyses
  • depth profiles of element concentrations
  • Lateral element distributions
  • Three-dimensional element distributions as analyses of micro volumes

in the following materials (a selection)

  • Metal layer structures (e.g. contact systems, galvanic layers)
  • Semiconductor layer systems
  • Solar cells
  • Optical multilayers, hard metal coatings, silicides, polymers
  • Semiconductor materials:
    – AIIIBV compounds, e.g. Galliumnitrid (GaN, AlGaN …)
    – AIIBVI compounds (CdTe …)
    – Si, Ge, organic semiconductors
  • High temperature superconductors, glasses
  • Metal ceramic seals, ceramic ceramic compound systems
  • Geological samples, pharmaceutical materials
  • Medical and biological samples (implants, cell structures, biosensors, dental materials)

Information Sheet

  • You can get a summary for printing by this link.
RTG Mikroanalyse GmbH Berlin